31 December 2009

Silver Plated Necklaces

Well today is the last day of the year and guess what I am up too this evening!!!!! Well sleeping in bed since I am sick and I had been sick all Christmas holidays poor me!! (hope that my child doesn't get sick too now). This means that I am that happy this festive seasons. The only thing that really cheered me up is that at Last my  necklaces are ready for Sale. Well below there are some photos of my newest Necklaces, these are really great and all the necklaces below have all been done for my Family. I have a stock of 6 at this moment of these which can be made with different glass beads, a few of the beads are also shown below. The silver clips may vary,since stock is always changing so I have different shapes and sizes of clips. Hope you will have a better NEW YEAR'S EVE than me, and I all wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my followers, clients and friends. Hope I will soon be fit to start bring something new for this year.


Anncoo said...

Oh, I love fashion jewellery and handicraft work. Your necklaces look beautiful.

Snooky doodle said...

wow really nice! rob

gauci123 said...

thanks !

Miss Piggy said...

Very cute. i'm mad aboutpink from swap bot. i'm on dawanda too. will be following you there too.

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