21 November 2009

FREE GIVE AWAY- THE WINNER IS..................

As I promised I am sending away a free surprise gift, today I am announcing the winner ..............
is my 100th follower Patrice. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

Please send me your address on gauci123@gmail.com so I can send you your gift .

I am really satisified and happy with all your comments and followers and soon my blog will reach the 100 followers. I am glad to announce that at 100, I will be sending a SURPRISE GIFT, this time I will not tell what it will be the price, someone will recieve a beautiful item at home for free.
To participate please tell your friend to follow my blog, I will choose at random a person who will win the price. The more comments and activity in my blog and shop the more you have chance to win. So Remember it may be you.

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