26 August 2013

28 th July 2013 - BIRTH OF OUR BABY GIRL!!!!!

This was an amazing day for me and my husband, we become parents for the second time with a beautiful baby girl. We are naming our blessed daughter Emily, we are so proud to be parents of Shanelle and Emily, and so happy that our family is complete.

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08 November 2012

Added New Items in My shop

Just added new items in my shop, lots of supplies to choose from and will post more this month....Also I am giving away a special gift with every item purchased, like mobile charms, key chains, rings etc...... all when buying any item from my shop!!!

15 September 2012

New Flower Earrings.....for Autum

These are awesome earrings, made with polymer clay flower beads, I made the dangle ones and the button ones too. You can see example below....find these in my Etsy shop...just listed today!!!!!

Find these on:

Etsy : TimeCreations Shop from Bertlene123

11 September 2012

New Treasury list and New Etsy Group

Check out this new treasury I made, the theme is Butterflies!!!


Also Remember my facebook page!!!!


My New Etsy Group - Everyone is invited to Join


End of Summer Coupon

Get 10% discount from my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/BERTLENE123

use endofsummer2 coupon code !!!! Lots  of new items too!!!!

07 September 2012

Experimenting With Different techniques

As I see other's jewellery, in shops, on people , I always look and observe the way these were made. I look at people in streets what they usually wear, and what style is ideal for everyday wear. Well I am still experimenting and trying different things. I made these new items recently, were I would like you to see and comment about them,just pop in my shop and see my shop on


30 April 2012

Hi guys, It has been some time from the last post I made in my blog, since I was so much busy I somehow abandoned my online shop. But Summer makes me feel more energetic and in mood to make something new and different every time.

I am refurbishing my shop on Etsy now and posted lost of new items especially supplies. I will make my shop full as you can see, this involves loads of work so will try to keep posting frequently.

Etsy New Shop is now a bit changed but it will always be my style. This year I will focus a lot on supplies, many different items so always keep an eye on my shop!!

Some items I already posted today!!!

26 November 2011

Now On Ebay

You want to bid for some thing or buy some supplies at really bargain prices, well now you can find me on EBAY: TIMECREATIONS ON EBAY
You can find several items like buttons, jewellery, craft sets and many more items on bids, even new items so hurry.......................


22 September 2011

Wire Wrapped Rings New Style!!!

 These are new rings that I made recently, I can make them with different colored wires, and even customized sizes. New styles will be coming soon!!!!!

22 July 2011


 For those who really love butterflies, here you can find a lovely selection with these butterflies. Still working on more designs and ideas ...home them today!!!!!!!

11 July 2011

New Items I created this month

 This month I felt creative, and created loads of new items, these are only some examples that I made this month for summer.

I really love the rings, I made so much rings this month it is so much fun.

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