22 January 2011

Showing You my WorkShop

 As you all know I am a jewelry maker and I am really obsessed with wire works and beads. Today I wanted you to see some photos of my workshop, It is fun for me to show you where I actually do my jewelry. Photos didn't came the best but this gives you an idea of my working place.

                      Hoping you have fun seeing these pictures, well I am trying to be more organized , however when working with small beads, the probability is that several seed beads fall on the floor while working, which leads to total mess everywhere  when I try to create something. 


Amy said...

I love seeing workspaces, thanks for sharing!! There is a lot of work to do on mine before I'd be proud enough to let anyone see it.. I am sooo messy :)

gauci123 said...

Thanks Amy, I try to be organized however when I work it will be messy too :)

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