08 August 2010

People Happy = I am happy

New items !!!!!!!!!! More to create !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I am feeling creative and I am having so much fun in experimenting with beads, wire and charms that I cannot stop. I an trying different designs and materials so I try to imagine people tastes. This is so much fun!!!

 My satisfaction is when I see friends and family wearing some on my items wow I feel fulfilled and satisfied with my job. I really love my items posted worldwide, I have work in USA, Canada, Australia, Hawaii, and many more countries...wow great, a result of a whole year trying to improve and make work more lovable.

Surprises are still to come since I have lot of plans in my mind and planning lots of new items for Christmas gifts. So keep watching my shop growing everyday with my handmade items made with love.

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