23 January 2010

Create Your Necklace

These are some of the necklaces who were bought from my friends. They chose the beads they liked and then made them as they wished. The fun is that everyone made a personal necklace just for himself.

All of them chose the a heart charm which makes the necklace more complete. I have a vast range of colors where to choose from and as you see in the photos no necklace is the same.

These necklaces are really fabulous and elegant to wear. All you need is just a bit of imagination on how you want to mix colors and patterns.

These are great !!!!


Simone said...


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Peacefully*Chaotic said...

I love your jewelry!I enjoy making jewelry myself,though I still have a lot to learn.
My name is Carly from swap-bot and I am now following you.
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