14 December 2008

Heart shaped

My first idea was making a simple heart shaped pendant which is really simple to make and really fashionable to wear. This is a combination of two colours, red and white which when combined they make a marble effect which makes the pendant seems really great. The idea was that on top is to write my husband's initials which shows that this heart is commited. The trick is to make the heart as perfect as possible and before inserting in the oven, the loop is inserted slowly so as to keep fixed in the middle. After baking for around 15 minutes into a normal oven on a real low tempreture. After baking leave to cool for a few minutes and then varnish it with special gloss. I use the water base gloss which dries fast and the final effect will be perfect. I really love this one since it was my first and I wear it a lot, hope you will like it too.

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